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Are Galapagos Pink Iguanas in Any Danger?

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The Wolf volcano, located on Isabella Island of the Galapagos Islands, has erupted on Monday in what is said to be the first eruption of the Wolf volcano in the last 33 years. Not only will it mark history, but it will also keep local wildlife experts on their toes.

Immediately to the northeast of the volcano, delicate habitats of the local species of unique pink iguanas, along with some species of land tortoises get a front row seat of the eruptions, but are they in any danger?

The pink iguana of the Galapagos Islands.

There is some speculation that the eruptions of the Wolf volcano could actually provide some danger to the local rare species, but Danny Reuda, the director of ecosystems in the Galapagos Islands isn't convinced that the volcanic activity poses any risk to the local pink iguanas.

"The population of the pink iguanas, yellow iguanas and land turtles are in the northeast and are out of danger," says Reuda.

Fortunately, at this point in time, the lava appears to be flowing southwest, away from the habitats of most of the rare animals native to the area. The hope is that it will continue flowing southwest and won't impose any threat to the land north of the volcano.

Reuda also says that there are currently no plans for officials to interfere with the lava flow, as it appears to be freezing already and nature is taking its course.

As long as the molten rock continues to flow to the southwest and away from the habitats of the rare species native to the area, the pink iguana should not face any dangers of becoming endangered or extinct. The lava is also far enough not to impose any threat on the human inhabitants of Isabella Island, which are several miles away to the south.

You can check out some of the footage of the volcanic eruptions, which was recorded from a nearby aircraft, below:

Source: ABC News

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