JUL 01, 2019 7:13 PM PDT

Veterinarians Nursed This Injured Red Panda Back to Health

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Red pandas are known for their laborious tree-climbing activities, and as you might come to expect, this type of arboreal lifestyle comes with a higher risk of injury.

In this particular instance, a female red panda named Willow was found to have injuries on each of her feet, and veterinarians feared that she would suffer from infection if they didn’t act fast. Upon taking a closer look, they discerned significant damage to the animal’s feet, and they conducted a biopsy to determine the severity.

The biopsy results showed inflammation of Willow’s skin tissue and confirmed the presence of a bacterial infection, which likely exacerbated the animal’s feet problems. Armed with this knowledge, the veterinarians could move forward with the proper treatment, which fortunately only involved antibiotics, pain medication, and frequent bandage changes.

Willow’s conditions quickly improved thanks to the help of the veterinarians, and she was later returned to her habitat at Prospect Park Zoo.

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