SEP 29, 2019 7:29 AM PDT

These Hippos Have Found a Naturally Existing Spa

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Hippos are large and captivating creatures; in fact, they can be so hazardous that researchers keep a safe distance, deploying spy cameras in their place to study the animals in their natural habitat. 

The spy camera is dressed up as a hippopotamus itself, designed to swim and behave just like the real thing. Some hippos don’t take too kindly to the strange visitor, but others respect the animatronic spy camera’s ability to wiggle its ears and dive deep below the water’s surface.

As the spy hippo takes a dive, it witnessed up close and personal detail of the hippos literally walking across the seafloor. Following closely behind is a school of fish that generally feed on the sediments on the seafloor, but they’ve found something better.

After the hippos take a rest on the seafloor, the shadowing fish begin nibbling at the hippos’ skin and teeth, effectively ridding the large animals of bacteria and parasites that would otherwise impact their health.

Indeed, these hippos have found themselves a naturally-existing spa for self-pampering.

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