DEC 15, 2019 7:08 AM PST

Eagle vs. Octopus

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

The animal food chain is somewhat straightforward, with larger animals often hunting smaller animals in an attempt to ensure their own survival. Unfortunately, it seems this rather unlucky eagle didn’t get the memo.

Fishermen from Quatsino, British Columbia discovered the eagle ensnared in the many tentacles of a large red octopus. From what we can gather, the eagle probably mistook the octopus for a large fish and swooped down to grab it. Instead, the predatory bird found itself dueling with a worthy foe – one that didn’t want to let go.

The eagle is particularly lucky that the octopus didn’t drag it underwater, and moreover, that it managed to keep its head above the water’s surface. By the time the fishermen arrived, they were able to free the bird from the octopus’s tight grasp with the assistance of a fishing utensil.

The eagle managed to get itself back to nearby land, but it didn’t fly away immediately. Instead, it took some time to recuperate, probably in an attempt to process what just happened. We’re sure this bird won’t be hunting octopus again any time soon…

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