JAN 27, 2020 3:39 PM PST

This Octopus Emerges From the Water in Search of Food

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Most octopuses live and breathe underwater, just like the vast majority of other marine animals. But this octopus endemic to Australia has a special ability in that it can survive outside of the water. Perhaps more frighteningly, it uses this aptitude completely to its advantage when searching for prey.

Despite being a special octopus, its preferred prey is the same: crabs. After it realizes that there aren’t any crabs in its rocky pool, it reaches above the water with one of its eight tentacles to drag itself above the surface. Once there, it uses a combination of its suction cups and other tentacles to move along stealthily as it searches for another rocky pool.

Upon finding one, it doesn’t happen upon any of its preferred prey – only a frightened fish. Unamused by its findings, it crawls out of the water again, in search of yet another rocky pool.

A nearby crab notices the predator and seeks refuge underneath the water’s surface. The octopus already saw the crab, however, and it begins following the crustacean into the water. After a short chase, the crab attempts to hide, but the octopus grabs and snacks on the crab.

Better luck next time… if there was a next time.

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