MAR 23, 2020 3:33 PM PDT

These Monkeys Help Wild Deer Avoid Predators

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

There can be power in numbers, and deer are keenly aware of this. The bulk of wild deer like to travel in large herds because it helps them watch out for one another’s safety amid the constant danger of being preyed upon by larger predators. But in some circumstances, herds of deer will rely on other animals to help them keep a lookout for potential danger.

In this clip, we witness a group of wild langur monkeys assisting a herd of deer as they keep a lookout for predators. The monkeys, which take full advantage of their high ground in the trees, get a wonderful view of the lands around them. This, combined with their excellent eyesight and above-average intelligence, helps them spot danger in nearly an instant.

As a hungry tiger makes its approach toward the herd, the monkeys howl to alert the deer of the impending danger. Thanks to the early alarm, the deer are able to snag a head start, permitting them to out-run the tiger just in time and avert any casualties.

This is just one great example of two different animal species working together to ward off a bad day.

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