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A Capuchin Monkey's Curiosity Can Sometimes Cloud its Judgement

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Capuchin monkeys are highly intelligent animals, but they’re also rather curious. They’ve adapted to communicate with their troop whenever danger approaches, and they’ve learned all kinds of different calls to let others know about impending dangerous events of any sort.

For this wild troop, it seems that a massive snake has encroached on their territory. Being the curious creatures they are, it seems they can’t help but stick their nose in the snakes’ business, despite the incredible danger it puts them and their young baby in. They begin by trying to scare the snake away by making tons of noise, but it doesn’t work.

As it turns out, the snake didn’t show up to eat monkeys, but rather a type of rodent unique to the area. After spotting and dispatching one, the snake moves quickly to begin swallowing its prey whole, but the curious monkeys simply can’t help themselves. They get a little too close for comfort, going as far as to tease the snake by grabbing the rodent’s tail and attempting to pull it away.

The snake’s grip on the rodent is so firm that the monkeys drag the entire snake with each tug, but this gives the monkeys an idea. They begin searching for more rodents, but not to save them from the hungry snake as you may come to expect. Instead, after an adult male comes across one, it begins eating the rodent itself, biting and snagging the rodent’s flesh from its body.

While the monkeys certainly got away lucky, we can’t say the same about that poor rodent…

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