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Baboon in An Egyptian Zoo Was Reportedly a Victim of Cannibalism

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Neglect for animals in the Egyptian Zagazig Zoo is reportedly the reason why a baboon on display was subject to cannibalism from its fellow cage mates. The zoo is facing tons of criticism on social media after the event went viral on Facebook.
It’s being said that zoo personnel were not properly caring for the animals and feeding them on a regular basis. Some accusations go as far as to say the zoo personnel wouldn’t feed the animals unless they were paid to do so by zoo visitors.
As a result, hunger built in the apes, and eventually, one or more of the animals in the cage saw only one way to combat the starvation – eating away at a fellow primate. The baboon who was subject to the cannibalism still lives, but has mutilations on its limbs after the fellow animals ate away at its feet and arms.

A baboon sits with its mutilated arms and feet after being a reported cannibalism victim.
Zoo officials are denying that such a thing actually happened, and instead say that the baboon, which is 17 years old, suffered injuries after going on a rampage out of jealousy because its pregnant female mate chose to care for the newborn baby instead of him.
Selective words such as ‘wife’ are used in the original report when explaining who the female mate was to the now-mutilated male monkey.
The injured baboon is now reportedly being kept separate from the rest of the apes to keep the female and newborn baby safe from harm.

This isn't the first time Egyptian zoos have been under fire for mistreatment, and unless things shape up soon, it won't be the last time either.

Source: Daily Mail

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