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Fisherman Finds Live Venomous Snake in Cod's Mouth

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Fishermen tend to discover some really interesting things while they’re trying their luck at big catches, but perhaps this story is one that’ll have to checking fish’s mouths before you actually put them in your fish bucket.
After fisherman Andy Warton, 44, of Australia reeled in a good-sized cod from the ocean at the end of April while on a fishing trip at Melville Island, he noticed something peculiar in the fish’s gaping mouth…

Hmm... I spy something black.

It was a strange black slithery object that you wouldn’t expect to find in a fish’s mouth after fishing, which turned out to be a live venomous snake native to the area.
“I've seen crocodiles eat pigs and eagles, I've had big barramundi stolen by sharks on the way in but up until this experience, I've never seen a fish with a fresh snake in its belly,” Warton said.
It turns out that the fish must have just finished eating lunch and still wasn’t full from the meal, so it took up the bait on the fisherman’s line.
The video, which was posted by Craters Clips on YouTube and originally filed by Andy Warton himself, has gone viral will well over a million views. It can be seen below.

Warton extracted the snake from the fish’s mouth, a brave act in itself, and then threw not only the fish, but also the still-living snake, back into the water.
The snake itself was still moving slightly despite having been eaten, although it had a large bite taken out of it, so it likely wouldn’t have made it regardless.
It just goes to show; you never know what you might find in nature. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, or in this case, a fish-eat-snake world.

Snakes are among one of the most common surprises to humans, as one was recently found in the middle of a freshly cut-down tree as well.

Source: DailyMail, Craters Clips

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