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Sheep Invade Spanish City After Herder Falls Asleep

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

It is the job of a shepherd to keep herds of sheep in check and prevent them from meandering where they don’t belong. Unfortunately for a shepherd in Spain earlier this month, catching a nap from his severe tiredness was more important than tending to his sheep.

After falling asleep, 1300 of a shepherd's unsupervised sheep made their way into the Spanish city of Huesca.

You can only imagine what went from there. After the shepherd wasn’t attentive enough to take care of the sheep, the herd of approximately 1300 four-legged animals went for a stroll into the black of the night into the Spanish city of Huesca.
As the Telegraph reports, at approximately 4:30 A.M. Spanish police got the call from a civilian that there were a bunch of sheep just going to walk across town. Police then had to get in contact with the sleeping shepherd to alert him that his sheep had gotten loose.
From this point, the police worked with the sleepy shepherd to get the sheep out of the city and back on track for their grazing destination for the Summer.
A video uploaded by the local police department shows the 1300 sheep going for a walk across the Spanish asphalt and crossing a roundabout.

The herder was trying to lead the sheep through an ancient herding route known as cañana real, which just so happens to go through Huesca. When he wasn’t awake, they had managed to get off track and needed to be redirected.
This is a tradition that shepherds are said to follow one day annually to continue the ancient tradition of herding sheep.
It’s definitely an oopsie that the shepherd isn’t likely to let happen again in the future, although the ancient tradition of herding isn’t going anywhere in Spain for a very long time, as many shepherds continue to follow this tradition.

Source: The Telegraph

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