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Here's Why You Should Keep Your Dog From Swallowing Gorilla Glue

When it comes to having pets, you typically have to keep dangerous things away from them so they won’t try to eat them; animals can’t read warning labels, so you have to do it for them.
Unfortunately for a 6-month-old Weimaraner from the Wilson family in Oklahoma, a tube of Gorilla Glue was a little too close to resist, and the dog went in and snacked on it.
The end result was that the dog needed to be taken to an animal hospital for an emergency operation. Surgeons then removed a perfect mold of the dog’s stomach, about the size of a grapefruit, that was crafted from Gorilla Glue, and then patched the poor dog back up.

Dr. Baez, who performed the surgery, holds the mold of the dog's stomach.

 Image Credit: KFOR Oklahoma News

Even though the tube may not have been as large as the dog’s stomach, the glue, once eaten, will begin to expand, and eventually it will take up all of the volume of the stomach.
"Gorilla Glue means surgery," said Dr. Leonardo Baez with Midtown Vets, the medical organization that performed the surgical procedure. "So, the glue, once it gets to the stomach, it slowly starts expanding. You can see here, it's the perfect shape of a stomach, so you get a mold."

Had the surgeons not have acted quickly, the glue would have continued to expand. The dog, which was clearly experiencing pain from the expansion, would have suffered an even worse fate had it not been for the motivated medical team that solved the problem.

Gorilla Glue reportedly has a sweet taste to it, so dogs and other animals are attracted to it. It’s a lesson learned for Krystal Wilson, who won’t be keeping any Gorilla Glue anywhere near the dog’s reach again any time soon.

Fortunately, the dog appears to be making a successful recovery. It’s stomach is healing back up nicely, and the dog is back on its feet once again.

Source: CNN

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