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Dog Swallows 8-inch Kitchen Knife and Lives to Tell the Tale

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Every once in a while, you come across one of those unbelievable stories on the internet, usually involving some kind of an animal doing something you never thought was possible; and perhaps the one about the puppy swallowing an eight-inch kitchen knife and living to tell the tale takes the cake for me.

A story going viral on the internet this past week has detailed a Saffordshire bull terrier puppy named Macie, who was no more than 12 months old, acting strangely and making weird noises, then choking, and finally vomiting. The owner immediately assumed the dog swallowed something it shouldn’t have, which is when its owner decided it was time to take it to the vet

There, they performed X-rays to see if the dog had consumed something dangerous, and lo’ and behold, there sat a kitchen knife, blade, handle, and all, resting in the dog’s body.

An 8-inch kitchen knife as shown in the X-ray of the affected dog who swallowed it.

Image Credit: People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals

The blade was facing the dog’s head, while the handle was facing the posterior, suggesting that the knife had to have been swallowed handle-first. Of course, once it entered the body, the handle started to move through the dog’s intestines, while the blade continued to stay in the stomach.

“I’ve never seen an X-ray like Macie’s,” veterinarian Emily Ronald said. “She was extremely lucky to survive. Her saving grace was that she swallowed the handle-end first ― the blade-end would undoubtedly have pierced her organs, likely causing fatal injuries.”

Not only would this dangerous predicament have spelled out potential puncture wounds inside the dog’s vital internal organs, but in addition, there Is just no way the dog’s little digestive organs would have been able to process the entire knife safely.

The dog’s owner reportedly had no idea how the dog got ahold of the knife and swallowed it, but the preliminary blame got put on the dishwasher, where the dog might have snagged it because it was in easy reach and smelled like old food.

The vets went to work and surgically removed the knife from the dog’s body. Immediately after the dog came to, it reportedly acted as if nothing had ever happened, suggesting that the dog was in immense distress while the knife was in its body and also that the surgery relieved the dog of the upset stomach it was getting from it.

The vet poses with the dog post-surgury, showing the knife that was removed.

Image Credit: People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals

Macie should make a full recovery from the event, having suffered no physical injuries.

Source: The Huffington Post

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