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Meet the Two New Baby Monkeys From Los Angeles Zoo

The Los Angeles Zoo is proud to welcome two new Francois’ langur monkeys to their animal lineup. They were born earlier this summer and had remained out of sight until just this week, giving park-goers the first-time opportunity to snag a peek.

One of the monkeys born at the Los Angeles Zoo earlier this Summer.

Image Credit: Jamie Pham/L.A. Zoo

The two primates were born separately in both June and July via separate mothers that also reside in the park, Vicki Vale and Kim-Ly (8 and 5 years-old respectively), but they share the same father, Paak (19).

“We’re very excited for guests to be able to observe this blended family in their new group dynamic,” said Los Angeles Zoo animal keeper Roxane Losey.

“Once the two boys are a little older, they will join their brother Tao and things will probably get a little rough-and-tumble when they play. These monkeys are very acrobatic and like to jump and leap from branch to branch.”

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Francois’ langur monkeys are native to parts of southwest China and northern Vietnam and are considered an endangered species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Experts have pinned declines in natural populations of Francois’ langur monkeys on a host of factors including habitat loss and over-hunting. Parts of their bodies are thought to have medicinal properties, as is the case for a plethora of other endangered and critically-endangered animals around the world.

Given the circumstances, the newborns are a welcomed surprise for the zoo.

The two young primates don’t yet have names, but that will soon change. They’re currently spending time with each of their mothers and their father, but in due time, they’ll join the rest of the Francois’ langur monkeys at the zoo.

Source:, Wikipedia, IUCN

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