NOV 13, 2018 6:10 PM PST

Here's Why Hydrogen-Powered Cars Haven't Become Mainstream

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

The automobile industry today is still dominated by gasoline-powered vehicles, but electric cars like those from Tesla are gaining a lot of traction in the fight to reduce carbon emissions.

Another concept that aimed to reduce carbon emissions was the hydrogen-powered car, and while Toyota did officially produce one that it later called the Mirai, hydrogen-powered cars never really became the mainstream for everyday people like you and me.

If you were wondering why hydrogen-powered cars haven’t taken off, then turn your attention to the price tag of the Toyota Mirai. At $60,000, it’s not very wallet-friendly, and other manufacturers like Chevrolet and Nissan are selling electric cars for less than half of that.

Given the current trends of the automobile market, hydrogen-powered cars can’t keep up with the lower costs of purchasing and owning an electric vehicle. The weak demand for hydrogen-powered cars ultimately means that infrastructure for manufacturing them won’t materialize, and electric vehicles will only get better and more efficient with time.

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