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Check Out Tesla's Awesome New Robotic Electric Car Charger

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

In the world of electronic cars, it's necessary to sit on a charger for a while so that your car batteries get enough juice for the long haul. Typically, this means parking in front of a charger and juicing up for a period of time, and it also means manually hooking up the power to your car's power port... with your hands.

But this could all change in the future of automobiles; namely Tesla.

Tesla has designed a robotic arm that can automatically hook up to its electric cars for charging.

Tesla appears to have been busy refining the car-charging process by making the entire hookup process automated. The company has shared a video of a prototype robotic arm that can automatically detect the charging port on an electric car, such as a Tesla, and plug itself in to power up the battery in the car.

The way it works is highly complex. The arm looks creepy, and its movements are incredibly precise.

There is no word yet on whether the Tesla robotic arm charger would be able to work with other brands of cars too, or if it would be unique to Tesla alone. There's also no indication of when or if this prototype will ever see the light of day on the public market.

Nevertheless, feast your eyes on the operation of this incredible charging machine:

Could this be the future of charging our cars? It's possible.

We as people love automation and having things done for us, so fully automated charging stations that charge our cars for us when all we have to do is park could very well be written in our future.

Now if only we could get something like this for our everyday gasoline-powered cars so that our cars would be full of gas by the time we walked out of the convenience store.

Source: Tesla Motors

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