SEP 26, 2016 8:29 AM PDT

Science Explains Why the Best-Looking People Are Such Jerks

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Have you ever asked yourself why all of the good-looking people out there can be such jerks? Science says it's probably all in your perception.

There are four possible outcomes when it comes to finding a mate: 1) attractive and nice, 2) unattractive and nice, 3) attractive and mean, 4) unattractive and mean.

By using a simple graph, we can see that our perception of what's left in the dating pool changes as our mindset gets skewed a certain way.

Many people assume all the best fish in the sea are taken and that unattractive and mean people are un-datable, so we only factor in what's left on the graph. Those are the unattractive and nice or attractive and mean people. A small percentage of somewhere in between exists, but not as we'd like it to.

Everything is subjective when it comes to these things, however, as everyone has a different taste in what it takes to be good looking or super nice. In the end, as a result of this subjectiveness, nearly everyone can find a mate of some sort.

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