SEP 29, 2016 5:17 AM PDT

Selfies, Smartphones and Skin Cancer

Many people take selfies all the time with their smartphones. Whether it's at a party with friends, or just a text to a family member, smartphone selfies can keep people connected. But can they also play a part in the fight against cancer? It seems possible, at least with Kaiser Health's program called Tele-Derm. It's a way for patients to send images to their primary care physician who can then forward them to dermatologists. It's especially valuable when dealing with melanomas.

While a patient might notice a mark or spot, unless they happen to be at a doctor for something else, some will put off calling. Add to that the wait times for an appointment with a specialist and precious time could be lost if a suspicious spot turns out to be skin cancer. The program began about five years ago and has grown since, as more patients take advantage of the technology they carry around in their pockets.
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