JAN 25, 2017 3:43 AM PST

Army Plans Environmental Study

The Dakota pipeline controversy has captured national attention for its impact on the water supply and other environmental factors. The Standing Rock Sioux have been fighting the installation of the pipeline and they may have a small victory. The Army has filed notice to do a complete environmental study on the project. Such a study could take up to two years to complete. Until it's done, no work can continue at the crossing of Lake Oahe

President Trump has expressed his support of the pipeline and issued an executive order that it be completed, so it's possible he could stop the Army from conducting the environmental impact study. For now, the Energy department estimates that work on the study will get underway soon. The Texas-based Energy Transfer Parters, the corporation building the pipeline have asked a federal judge to block the Corps of Engineers from beginning the study, so it remains to be seen what the next developments will be.
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