OCT 17, 2022 8:00 AM PDT

Is it pan-resistant Candida auris? Now you can know for sure

SPONSORED BY: Hardy Diagnostics

Candida auris is a global concern, categorized by the CDC as an Urgent Threat level. According to the CDC's latest 2022 special report regarding antimicrobial resistance, clinical cases of Candida auris rose more than 60% in 2020 during the pandemic, compared to 2019. Hardy Diagnostics HardyCHROM™ Candida + auris chromogenic agar plate allows laboratories to easily identify C. auris with a color read out of teal to teal-green colonies with a distinct “bullseye” and shows a unique fluorogenic reaction under UV light. This medium will also identify C. tropicalis, C. glabrata, C. albicans, and C. krusei. In this short video, watch as onsight microbiologists at Hardy Diagnostics streak and identify Candida auris on the HardyCHROM™ Candida + auris chromogenic agar plate.

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Hardy Diagnostics is a 100% employee-owned company that is licensed by the FDA as a medical device manufacturer, and its quality management system is ISO 13485 certified. Hardy Diagnostics has been helping people live healthier lives since 1980. Our microbiology products are used all over the world to diagnose and prevent disease. The dedication and...
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