FEB 17, 2017 7:37 AM PST

California Will Label Roundup a Carcinogen

Using pesticides and other chemicals in your garden is controversial. Some want to be organic, others want to eliminate weeds and other pests. Roundup, a heavy duty weed killer made by Monsanto is a product that many have had concerns about. The chemicals it contains have long been suspected of being carcinogenic. It's main ingredient, glyphosate, is definitely good at killing weeds but there is an increasing amount of research to suggest that it could cause cancer. The most recent research, was a report issued by the World Health Organization that reported the substance is "Probably carcinogenic to humans" but also stated there was "limited evidence."

California, which is the country's largest agricultural state, wants the product to carry a warning label that lists glyphosate as a cancer causing agent. Monsanto fought the decision, saying there was not enough evidence. While home gardeners are one concern, the larger issue is the huge farming industry in the state of California. Roundup is used by many growers of food crops because it's effective and not expensive. For now, the decision of judge stands and legally, in California at least, the product can be labeled as a potential carcinogen. Monsanto has said it will challenge the order further.
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