MAR 26, 2017 8:56 AM PDT

Your Poop Says a Lot About You

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Believe it or not, your stool can say a lot about you. This includes whether you're eating right or if you're experiencing any health problems that you might need to be concerned about.

You typically want to see a long brown solid stool after you get finished going number two. You really don't want to see chunks or diarrhea. The latter indicates that you're either constipated or you're eating a much-too-fatty diet.

Having a healthy-looking stool means you're eating properly and that you're not experiencing any problems with your digestive system. You may need to eat more fiber to pay attention to what you're eating to put an end to irregular stools, which can be caused by eating too much fast food and meats, while not eating enough roughage.

If you notice a different color, keep in mind that what you eat influences your stool. High green content can indicate that you've been eating a lot of vegetables, while red can indicate that you've either eaten beets or have blood in your stool.

You should always talk to your doctor when you notice ongoing bouts of irregularities, but keep in mind that seeing an irregular stool once in a while is really nothing to be worried about.

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