APR 05, 2017 4:55 AM PDT

Spring Break Impacts the Environment

If you live near a warm weather beach community, like those along the Florida coast, then you know it's that time of year, Spring Break. While good for local economies, as it turns out, Spring Break can be very bad for the environment. On public beaches in Fort Lauderdale FL, there is a heavy police presence to make sure students clean up after themselves and don't leave trash behind. The same does not go for some beach areas that are owned or managed by resorts and condo complexes.

A volunteer group called SOS Ocean Clean Up documented a mile long swath of trash, beer cans and food waste just left behind by partying students. The trash can impact water quality and local sea life and the mayor of Fort Lauderdale, who called the problem "completely unacceptable" is actively working with resort and condo managers to curb the problem. Since the beaches there are semi-private there isn't as much enforcement. Volunteers from SOS Ocean Clean Up answered the call to keep their beaches clean and safe for wildlife and beachgoers, removing more than 850 pounds of trash. Plastic bags and tarps are especially dangerous for fish and turtles that call the area home.
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