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Cardiac Issues and Cancer: A Dual Approach

It's common for some forms of cancer treatment to cause cardiac issues. Many forms of chemotherapy, while life-saving for patients can result in toxic effects on the heart. It's frustrating for patients and health care providers alike to defeat one disease only to have another crop up. In addition, since people are living longer, many cancer patients are older at the onset of their disease and have cardiac issues like congestive heart failure or atrial fibrillation.

When rehabbing from a cardiac problem, cancer patients have unique needs in their treatment. The same is true for cardiac patients who develop certain forms of cancer. It's a dual process of trying to repair the body from two different threats. Oncology professions and cardiac care experts must work together with these patients for the best possible outcome. A trend toward a team approach in oncology, that includes cardiology care is likely something that many more patients will need in the future.
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I'm a writer living in the Boston area. My interests include cancer research, cardiology and neuroscience. I want to be part of using the Internet and social media to educate professionals and patients in a collaborative environment.
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