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Growing up Hawking

Many children of celebrities grow up to write books about their childhoods, but they are not always happy stories. Lucy Hawking, daughter of famed scientist Stephen Hawking, has written four books, with a fifth to be released soon. The first, entitled "George's Secret Key to the Universe" is not entirely about her experiences growing up with her well-known dad. It's a combination of a charming story about exploration and science as seen through the eyes of a young child. Instead of only writing dry science facts, it's an engaging tale of how children are curious and want to know more about complex topics like physics, space and how the universe works. The fifth book including the explorer George is due out November 2017.

Lucy recalls growing up in Cambridge England and spending time with her father at home and at times at the University. She stated that there were frequent dinner parties with scientific experts and contemporaries of her famous father and children were encouraged to ask questions. Lucy started with one book, but the series about George and his quest for science is now at three books and she hopes to do more on the topic.
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