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The Science Behind Induction Stove Tops

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

People who spend a lot of time cooking are probably no stranger to induction stove tops. Compared to traditional stove tops, which use gas-powered flames or electric coils to produce heat to heat up the pan above it, induction stove tops use a different technology that keeps the stove top itself cool to the touch.

A copper coil underneath the stove top's glass generates magnetic fields that interact with the metal pan on the stove. They cause electrons inside the pan's metal to produce kinetic energy, heating the pan up in the process and allowing the food inside of it to cook.

You can place your hand on an induction stove top without getting burned because your hand isn't a good conductor of electricity. With that in mind, the magnetic field has little or no effect on your hand, and the induction stove top doesn't burn you.

The cold-to-the-touch surface means induction stove tops are much safer, especially around children. Thanks, science!

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