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Are You Afraid of Clowns? Here's Why

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Clowns are typically a source of entertainment at circuses and parties, but some people don't find them very entertaining; instead, many have a genuine fear of them.

There's a clear difference between disliking clowns and being petrified of them, but no matter which category you fall under, clinical psychologist Dr. Dena Rabinowitz shares a few things that could play a role in triggering this state of mind.

Factors involving facial expressions, distrust for the randomized outfits, and even seeing clowns in unfamiliar areas can invoke fear. It doesn't help that scary movies like portray clowns as the antagonist, depicting them as the villain who's both mentally insane and ready to perform horrendous tasks.

For the most part, anxiety or fear around clowns is a learned trait; most people aren't born with the fear, but genetics can play a role in your likelihood of developing of fear of clowns later in life.

Some people try binge-watching horror films that portray clowns as evil with the hope of 'facing their fears' and getting over the fear once and for all. On the other hand, this isn't a good idea; the movies will simply reinforce the idea that clowns do bad things and make the fear worse.

Therapy can help, but it's not always necessary. You can consider it if your fear of clowns gets in the way of everyday life, but otherwise, it's might just be a silly phobia that won't have an impact on your life.

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