SEP 20, 2017 10:14 AM PDT

Problems Sleeping? You Might Want to Fix That...

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Sleep is an essential part of life, and without it, your body doesn't get to recharge and rest from a hard day's work.

As if not getting the sleep you need wasn't horrible enough for your body's health already, a new study conducted by U.K.-based researchers suggests that trouble sleeping can result in a 2-3x higher risk of chronic pain development down the line.

Many people have problems sleeping because they're over-stressed or aren't getting the exercise they need to work off their excess energy, but without sleep, your body's mental and physical health decays.

With sleep deprivation on the rise globally, it's important to invest more time in ensuring you get a good night of sleep. If you must, try to keep your evenings more relaxed and put down your smartphone so that you're not tempted to spend long hours browsing the web or texting friends.

Sleep well - your body will reward you!

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