SEP 24, 2017 10:56 AM PDT

Meet the Spider Bot that Can Walk Over Almost Anything

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Researchers from UC San Diego have invented a spider-shaped robot that can walk almost anywhere thanks to the unique design of its four legs.

The legs are 3D-printed out of a ribbed, squishy material capable of gripping onto almost anything. Thanks to their versatility, the robotic spider can easily move over both loose and solid surfaces, whether it's as firm as a table top, or as unstable as a pile of rocks or sand.

The legs aren't controlled by moving joints and levers like the Terminator's skeletal system is, but rather by tubes that are deflated and inflated with air on demand to promote movement in one direction or another.

It's an early prototype, so the spider-like robot isn't perfect yet. The control computer and the air source for the legs are hooked up to the robot externally, which limits its practical uses. The long-term goal is to integrate all of this into the robot itself, creating a unified unit capable of being remote-controlled for various applications.

Technology is awesome, isn't it?

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