JUN 12, 2018 5:52 PM PDT

Should You Eat Those Banana Peels?

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Most people peel their bananas open and eat what’s on the inside, but it may be a good idea for the sake of your health to eat the entire banana, including the peel itself.

While the inside of the banana tastes the best and includes most of its vitamins and nutrients, the peel contains useful tidbits of its own that can boost bodily functions, such as digestion, the immune system, and cell development.

You don’t have to eat the peel raw; it can be cooked by way of baking, boiling, or frying to change its flavor and texture. You can also snip off the hard top and bottom of the peel, leaving just the softer part for munching on.

In addition to supporting good health, eating the entire banana instead of tossing the peel generates less organic waste, and that’s good for the environment.

Will you be eating your banana peel next time?

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