JUN 17, 2018 5:33 PM PDT

These Are the World's Largest Life Forms

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Life forms throughout Earth’s history come in all different shapes and sizes, but have you ever wondered which ones were the largest?

Mountain ash trees can grow up to 115.7 meters tall, while redwood trees are known to reach similar heights.

As for animals, the giraffe is the tallest one alive today and is closely trailed by the African elephant; but some prehistoric dinosaurs, such as the brachiosaurus and the sauroposeidon, would make any giraffe look short in comparison.

Wondering where you fit on this list? The average human is taller than 87.6% of all known mammals on Earth.

As the video explains, however, height isn’t everything. Many marine animals measure longer than some of the tallest land animals are tall. The lion’s mane jellyfish, for example, sports tentacles that can grow up to 58 meters long.

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