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Keep an Eye on These Foods When Going Keto

The ketogenic diet is popular, and many swear by it for weight loss, calming inflammation, relieving stress, and getting blood sugars under control. Sure, it’s not for everyone because many foods are not allowed, or are quite limited. Still, some foods that are “keto-friendly” might not be that good for you. Starches and sugars are the first food groups that will torpedo the ketogenesis that you’re going for. Some carbs and sugar are allowed in minimal amounts but because they keep the body from going into ketosis and burning fat, they are only a small part of this way of eating.

Cheese is a common staple for keto dieters, but it’s actually one of the foods that spark inflammation, which is something else you don’t want when going keto. Grains can mess with the diet as well if they are not good grains, high in fiber. Keto is a low carb way to eat, but it’s about net carbs, not total carbs. Processed foods, while not strictly prohibited, should be avoided if you want to get good results. Artificial sweeteners will mess with gut bacteria and impact ketosis. Fat is a big part of going keto, but good fats like avocado and olive oils are better choices than saturated fats. 

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