JUN 16, 2015 5:10 AM PDT

Zoo animals loose after flood

The wind and rain that began in the small town of Tbilisi Georgia on 13 June was fierce, but no one expected the waters to rise as fast and as high as they did, bringing a devastating flood to the city. Hardest hit was the area of the zoo. Three zoo employees are among the estimated 10 deaths reported so far.

In addition to the wreckage of homes and roads, there is the problem of loose animals from the zoo wandering the streets. A hippo roamed the downtown area but was eventually stunned by a tranquilizer dart and herded to safety by police. Baby bears were found two miles from the zoo in a crate that had been washed away and other animals were found on building ledges and on top of any bits of high ground they could find. Officials estimate that more animals will be found as the waters recede.
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