JUL 19, 2015 1:34 PM PDT

Here's Another Teaser of Lexus' Awesome Hoverboard

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

It was just last month that Lexus revealed its new hoverboard, which was powered by magnets. The company had been working on the project for a long time and finally felt the project was worth revealing to the public.

This week, Lexus launched yet another teaser, this time in the form of a video, showing the hoverboard floating across the ground. Nitrogen-cooled semiconductors make it all possible, and that's why it appears to steam off with frosty air.

The only catch to using this hoverboard is that it requires a magnetic surface, which most concrete sidewalks are not. So it's difficult to say this device is useful in real-world conditions, but it's pretty awesome in the controlled conditions it's in.

Nonetheless, it's an awesome proof of concept that we're sure will help with research for future products.

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