SEP 13, 2015 9:31 AM PDT

Here's Why Masturbation is Actually Good for You

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

When it comes to masturbation, many people are scared to admit that they partake, but in a survey, 95% of men and 72% of women said they partook in masturbation within the four weeks leading up to the survey.

So what's up people? Why are we so scared to admit that it's a natural part of life?

Masturbation is thought to have a lot of positive effects on the body, including releasing dopamine, which makes us feel good. Dopamine is the body's natural way of making you feel content.

Moreover, it's thought that Masturbation can make the reproductive system stronger and more effective, as well as reduce the chances of prostate cancer in men. Researchers also believe that masturbation is a good workout for the sex muscles in both a male and a female, and can prevent erectile dysfunction in males.

The next time you need some time alone, remember, there are far more pros than cons to this completely natural part of life. Humans have been doing it since the days of the caveman.

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