APR 14, 2016 9:12 PM PDT

Are Electric Cars Really Helping the Environment?

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Electric cars don't hurt the environment in the same ways that gasoline or diesel cars do because they have little or no emissions. On the other hand, do they hurt the environment in other ways?

Throughout the life of an electric car, there is more to consider than what they put out into the air. For example, what does the production, life of the car, and disposal of the car do to our environment?

Packed with Lithium-Ion batteries, these cars are more difficult to dispose of than cars with gasoline engines. They must be recycled in a very specific way, and their production can be just as harmful to the environment as the life of a gasoline car being driven around every day.

In their manufacturing process, they can create up to 1 ton more emissions than their gasoline competitors. So what does this say for the humble electric car?

Well it seems obvious - the manufacturing and disposal of these cars is worse than that of the cars we're trying to take off the road because of their daily emissions. Nevertheless, there are no solid studies to accurately report by how much.

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