APR 15, 2016 5:56 AM PDT

Free Genetic Testing For Tumors

Genomic testing of tumors is a new important weapon in the fight against cancer. When the genome of a cancerous tumor is fully mapped, doctors can figure out a way to use precision targeted medications to kill it. A Canadian company, Contextual Genomics, is offering 1500 free screenings of tumor samples to any patient in Canada. After all of the free screenings have been conducted the company says it can offer the testing for less than $1000.

While some are calling the free samples a marketing ploy, the company says that most patients are not aware that the technology exists to map a tumor. Once they know the specific genetic mutations that have caused the tumor to grow, their treatment can be personalized to attack those specific mutations. The field of precision care in cancer is one that offers the potential to treat cancer more effectively and hopefully create better outcomes for patients.
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