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7 Ways to Wake Up Without Your Morning Coffee Fix

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

So many people use coffee as a method to wake up in the morning. People swear by it and call it a magical cup of magic, as it wakes them up by stimulating their brains when they're feeling groggy just after jumping out of bed.

Although coffee is a common drink for morning goers, there are many scientific alternatives to coffee when you need help getting in the morning. ASAP Science goes over seven of those:

1. Go find yourself some light: Your body becomes tired when it sits in the dark for long periods of time. By going into well-lit areas, your melatonin levels will drop, helping you to wake up easier.
2. Take cold showers: Cold water is said to help jump start you in the morning. It's a bit of a harsh way to wake yourself up, but warmth typically makes you sleepier than chills do and the shock can wake you up.
3. Drink a lot of fluid: When you take up in the morning, you can end up becoming dehydrated from all the fluid loss you experience at night. By drinking a lot of water, you'll feel invigorated and hydrated again.
4. Eat a fulfilling breakfast: The simple stuff like a toaster strudel or an egg might sound appetizing for breakfast, but you should really be eating a balanced breakfast with food from all sections of the food pyramid. By doing so, you give your body the proper energy levels to wake up.
5. Drink Orange Juice: Citrus drinks are high in flavonoids, which increase alertness and cognitive function, hence they help you wake up.
6. Go for a run: Physical activity after waking up tends to help your body get back into the beat of your day. Simply waking up and going on the computer may end up leaving you more fatigued than if you went for a run after waking up and then went back home.
7. Use music: Music can help your brain to wake up in the morning because it tends to make your body excited and activates parts of your brain that controls movement, further helping you to wake up. Obviously, you should play fun music, and not sleepy music.

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