MAY 17, 2016 6:16 PM PDT

India bans diesel taxis in New Delhi to clean up air pollution

Diesel taxi drivers in New Delhi are concerned for their livelihoods because of the recent ban on diesel taxis in the city. Diesel drivers are concerned about turning their cars into engines that can run on petrol or natural gas, citing that it is very expensive.

The ban stems from the record pollution that New Delhi experienced in the last several months, covering the whole region with a foggy haze and winning the area with the untasteful prize of "Most Polluted City in the World."

In addition to banning diesel taxis, city officials hoping to combat the pollution also instigated a ban on odd and even number passengers in cars on certain days. Another alternative is banning license plates starting with certain numbers or letters from driving on certain days.

Yet however clear the need for these environmental measures are, leaders of the taxi drivers union are complaining that they are being unfairly punished and targeted. Environmentalists point out that this is inaccurate, but that does nothing to curb the drivers' fear of how to pay for their children's school fees and food.
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