MAY 26, 2016 10:39 AM PDT

Science Explains Why Having a Friend Around Improves Dating Success

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Many people are too afraid to go out and try and get a date on their own, but science suggests that there are actually a lot of perks to the ‘wingman' strategy.

Having friends around you makes you look a whole lot more attractive than going solo into a public environment. Not only does it make you look happier and more social, but it shows that you're not incapable of getting along with people.

The ‘wingman' strategy isn't only a characteristic of humans - other animals like turkeys and birds also have greater success in reproducing when they're in groups rather than when they're roaming on their own.

Back to humans, it's even interesting to see that some women actually use the ‘wingman' approach much differently. Instead of having their friends support the cause of dating, there is some scientific research, which varies by sex and person, that shows that the wingman approach might be used to avoid dating.

Overall, the wingman approach to getting a date seems to have scientific success in various species (humans included), so give it a try!

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