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Using Positive Body Language to Overcome Social Anxiety

WRITTEN BY: Julianne Chiaet

Are you excessively afraid of being judged or unnecessarily worried about being embarrassed? These are symptoms of social anxiety disorder, a common mental health illness that can often last entire lifetimes. Other symptoms include being overly concerned about offending others and avoiding people.

Treating social anxiety is particularly important because research has shown a direct correlation between social connectedness and lifespan. Social anxiety can be treated with therapy and antidepressants. There are also strategies a person can use to overcome their anxiety.

According to "How to Talk to Anyone" author Leil Lowndes, genuinely smiling at a person when you meet them reflects well on you. Maintaining eye contact gives the impression of being an intelligent and focused person who respects the person they are looking at.

People with social anxiety often fear meeting new people. Lowndes recommends imagining the person as if they are an old friend. This will allow the person you're talking to feel more comfortable as well.

Source: Transmind via YouTube, The Happiness Advantage (book)
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