JUL 13, 2016 10:00 AM PDT

Operations- Gallium

  • Director of Radiopharmacy, Cardinal Health
      Director of Radiopharmacy Practice started as a driver 33 years ago & now is our chief nuclear pharmacist. He serves on the BPS Nuclear Specialty Council and is the NRC's AMCUI nuclear pharmacist.

    The 68Ge / 68Ga generator is new to radiopharmacy practice but it will be a big part of our future world.  The time will come in the not too distant future when we will be able to compound 68Ga labeled PET biomarkers from a selection of FDA approved drug kits to dispense unique PET tracers that originate from within the pharmacy. During this session attendees will be introduced to the generator, the kinetics, where the generator will be housed, how it will be eluted, breakthrough testing?, the drug vial shielding.  We will also introduce Advanced Accelerator application’s new drug kit awaiting approval to be called “NETspot” and will discuss what are its indications, how it is prepared, how QC’ed, the injected dose and logistical concerns.

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