OCT 29, 2014 12:00 PM PDT

A Next-Gen Sequencing Software Workflow for Cancer Gene Panel Analysis

  • Clinical Research Product Manager, DNASTAR
      Kerri Phillips is a product manager for DNASTAR where she focuses on the needs of the companys clinical research and laboratory customers. Software tools for cancer clinical research must provide efficiencies, support process, and take advantage of an ever growing quantity and variety of data sources. In her role, Kerri helps to bring the end-user perspective into the software development process. Prior to coming to DNASTAR last year, Kerri spent eight years in software development for clinical research administration.


    DNASTAR offers an integrated suite of software for assembling and analyzing sequence data from all major next-generation sequencing platforms. The software supports a variety of key workflows on a desktop computer and on the Cloud. A new Somatic/Cancer Gene Panel workflow supports several types of data sets, including Ion Torrent AmpliSeqTM Comprehensive Cancer Panel, Illumina TruSight Cancer Panel, as well as custom gene panels.
    The workflow will be demonstrated, illustrating how both normal and tumor sample data are input to the system in a single step. The pipeline analyzes the two samples separately calling small indels and single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in each sample separately. Upon completion of the variant calling, just a few data filtering steps make comparison between the tumor and normal control sample a straight-forward and efficient process.

    Learning objectives:

    • Have a better understanding of sequence assembly and analysis software for cancer gene panels.
    • Learn how to conduct tumor/normal sequence data analysis.

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