NOV 20, 2018 1:00 AM CET

Advanced optical hematology technology for elevated analytical performance

Sponsored by: Abbott
  • Manager, Medical and Scientific Affairs, Abbott Hematology
      Dr. Zainab Mukhtar is working as a Global Manager, Medical and Scientific Affairs for Abbott Hematology based in Abbott Delkenheim office in Germany. She is a Medical Physician, specialized in hematology blood transfusion and transplantation medicine from Bristol University, UK. Her thesis work was in the laboratory of histocompatibility and immunogenetics at NHSBT Filton, UK under the supervision of Dr. John Harvey related to STR markers in transplants of acute pediatric leukemia's. She also additionally acquired Assessor's Certification from Paul Ehrlich Institute, Germany. Her more than 16 years of post-graduate experience includes hematology and blood bank laboratory management, clinical management of hematology and transfusion dependent patients of various hematological disorders and Consulting, for Hematology and Blood Transfusion Projects in various countries. She has been actively presenting her research work in various hematological and blood transfusion Societies in the world and been an active member of ISBT and was the recipient of various scholarship awards like Harold Gunson Fellowship-ISBT, World Hemophilia Society Fellowship and CSSS British Scholarship. She has also studied Health Care Business Management and has experience of Commercial Hematology in Abbott Diagnostics in the region Middle East, Srilanka and Pakistan during which she also supported hematology laboratories of the region. Her main areas of research interest are, recent advancements in hematological diagnostics, quality management in hematology and blood transfusion, hemoglobinopathies, transfusion dependent anemias, hemovigilance, transfusion transmitted infectious diseases, and Pediatric Leukemia. Zainab is also a dedicated volunteer and member of various Women Professional Societies and committed to advancements of women in Science and Leadership.

    DATE:  November 20, 2018
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    Today, hematology analyzers can collect vast amounts of data about cell characteristics, that subsequently improve disease detection. Advanced systems can perform a complete blood count (CBC) and classify multiple cell types, including more than the normal five subclasses of mature white blood cells. They also produce improved flagging of abnormal results to aid further microscopic review. Multi Angle Polarized Scatter Separation (MAPSS™), an optical technology is utilized in Abbott’s hematology analyzers. Abbott’s latest hematology system employs an advanced version of MAPSS technology, as well as a learning algorithm to provide enhanced differentiation of blood cells. In addition, analysis of red blood cells and platelets are performed using entirely optical technology, allowing for the introduction of additional parameters.
    In this HIT SERIES, Dr. Mukhtar will review the general principles and capabilities of Abbott’s Advanced MAPSS technology and review a series of cases produced by the hematology system that employs Advanced MAPSS.
    Learning Objectives:
    • Describe Advanced MAPSS technology: measurement principles, detectors, reportable parameters, morphological flags, workflow efficiency and demonstration of relevant cases.
    • Discuss RBC/PLT separation using Advanced MAPSS in comparison to impedance and that enables additional parameters. Efficiently demonstrate the relevant cases of microcytic hypochromic anemia and schistocytes with intravascular hemolysis.
    • Review platelet analysis, flags and reticulated platelets in comparison to CD61 and impedance methods with a case demonstration using Advanced MAPSS technology.
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    NOV 20, 2018 1:00 AM CET

    Advanced optical hematology technology for elevated analytical performance

    Sponsored by: Abbott


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