JUL 27, 2017 09:00 AM PDT

WEBINAR: Advances in Laboratory Freeze Drying

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  • Product Manager, Labconco Corporation
      Kelly Williams, is a Product Manager for Freeze Dryers and Evaporators at Labconco Coporation. Kelly has helped Labconco customers with their application and equipment needs for more than 17 years. She has a BA in Biology and an MBA in marketing. Prior to working with Labconco, Kelly conducted endocrinology research in a Biochemistry Lab.
    • Sr. Application Specialist
        I earned my degree in Biology with Minor in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin, Parkside, graduating in 1997.
        Prior to starting at Labconco, I worked at SC Johnson Wax in sensory marketing, after graduation, I started in an R&D laboratory working with cleaning products for the home.
        In 1998, I moved to Kansas City and started working with Labconco in the marketing department as a product specialist. I was promoted to a Product Manager Position overseeing the development of evaporation/lyophilization products and glassware washer lines. Currently, I'm the Sr. Application Specialist with emphasis on evaporation/lyophilization, glassware washers, water, and forensic products, but I also cover all Labconco's 17 product lines.
        I've been published in multiple publications with my top stories including:
        Sample prep and how to optimize your results
        Using a freeze dryer for pharmaceuticals
        3 part series on freeze drying
        My top 10 sample prep accessories
        Nitrogen evaporation without the mess


      DATE: July 27, 2017
      TIME: 9:00AM PT, 11:00AM CT, 12:00PM ET

      Do you have inconsistent results freeze drying samples? Are some of your samples too challenging? Is your freeze dry cycle taking too long? Learn how to optimize your lyophilization process.This webinar will discuss freeze drying techniques, as well as new accessories and advancements in laboratory freeze dryers that will improve quality and reduce the time requirement. Whether you have been freeze drying for years or are new to the process, this webinar will inform you of ways to reduce the hassles and improve the lyophilization process in your lab.

      Learning Objectives:

      • Learn specifics on the lyophilization process so you can optimize and troubleshoot your method
      • Learn about new sample specific accessories that will improve your results 
      • Learn how to maintain and properly use a vacuum pump in lyophilization
      • Ask the experts your questions in an Q&A session

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