MAY 11, 2016 10:30 AM PDT

Challenges and Opportunities Building IT capabilities to support Large Scale Omics Projects in a Health System

  • Director, Informatics, Inova Health
      Mr. Black has more than 15 years of IT and business experience consolidating and managing large and complex data sets from disparate sources. He holds many certifications in both technical and project management.

      At ITMI, Mr. Black and his team are building a world-class bioinformatics infrastructure for the Institute's massive and varied data to support genomics research and clinical services - and ultimately for the purpose of translating genomics research for medical discoveries and improved patient care.

      Previously Mr. Black was the informatics manager and leader for the Biospecimen Core Resource at Nationwide Children's Hospital and the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Genome Atlas project. He was co-architect for the flexible data model to store and access data from studies for more than 30 cancer subtypes and clinical data from biobanks and academic institutions across five continents.


    We are at a time where traditionally risk-adverse health care systems and their IT architecture are confronted with the deluge of data at a massive scale and tremendous variability. In many Health Systems, genomic and molecular datasets are already being generated and the amount of data is escalating quickly. In parallel, the widespread adoption of Electronic Health Records generates large amounts of data that adds a complicated layer of variability that is difficult to standardize. Lastly, there is a high-level of privacy and security needed that protect patient data as well as adhere to IT best practice guidelines. To help with this daunting challenge, the last 5 years has brought an onslaught of highly scalable and agile technologies built specifically for these large and diverse set of challenges, though not necessarily with health care in mind. This presentation will highlight the challenges faced in building and supporting petabyte scale molecular data, combined with EHR data within the constraints of a health system, both in research and clinical settings. In particular, it will outline the IT and informatics challenges of scale, standardization, security, staff and data sharing. As narrative, the presentation will give tangible examples of the work being done at the Inova Translational Medicine Institute over the past 5 years and lessons learned. The presentation will also discuss the convergence of these new technologies such as Cloud, High Performance Compute (HPC) and Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) systems built within a Hybrid Cloud and other next generation scalable IT architectures.

    Learner Objectives:

    • Learn about the challenges of building and support large genomic and clinical data projects within a health system.
    • Learn about emerging IT and Informatics technologies that can be implemented to help address challenges in IT and informatics architectures.

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