FEB 05, 2015 07:30 AM PST

Fish Welfare: Stress, Pathology, Handling and Managing

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  • Aquatic Animal Supervisor, Barcelona Biomedical Research Park
      Juan Ramos received his veterinary degree in Madrid and afterwards he moved to Galicia to study Vocational Training in Aquaculture (IGAFA). After aquaculture studies he started work in L´Oceanografic at Valencia. Eventually, his work brought him to PRBB animal facility where he was exposed to both their rodent area and aquatic one in 2006. During that time, he took different courses in animal welfare as Category D, so he had the chance to learn about the rodent world. In the past year, he has been setting up the cryopreservation service for zebrafish sperm at PRBB.


    Fish are vertebrates but they are physiologically and psychologically different from mammals. This presentation will try to explain their differences from mammals and the different aspects that include the welfare of fish.

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