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Immunochemotherapy: The Future of Cancer Treatment

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  • Professor, President and CEO, Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, Editor-in-Chief, Cancer Research, AACR
      Dr Prendergast received his PhD in Molecular Biology from Princeton University. Following postdoctoral work at HHMI and Merck Research Laboratories, he was appointed to the faculty of The Wistar Institute as a Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences.

      In 1999, Dr Prendergast became Senior Director of Cancer Research at DuPont Pharmaceuticals. In 2002, his research groups moved from Wistar and DuPont to the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research outside Philadelphia, where he is currently Professor, President and CEO.

      In 2010, Dr Prendergast was appointed Editor-in-Chief of Cancer Research, the AACR flagship journal, and the most highly cited journal in the field.


    Cancer biologists, pharmacologists and immunologists have historically communicated little with each other due to different traditions in training and a lack of integrated perspectives on cancer. Immunologists have been oriented mainly to biological therapies and they have tended to have less knowledge of genetics and pharmacology.

    Conversely, cancer geneticists and pharmacologists have been oriented mainly toward small molecule therapies and they have tended to have limited understanding of immunology or immune-based therapies (other than perhaps passive therapies, such as antibodies).

    Listen into this on-demand webinar as Dr George Prendergast as discusses the future of Immunochemotherapy, focusing on the convergence of cross-disciplinary themes.

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