AUG 30, 2016 08:00 AM PDT

iPSC Generation and Validation: Ensuring the best materials for downstream applications iPSC Generation and Validation: Ensuring the best materials for downstream applications

  • R&D Scientist, Cell Biology, Thermo Fisher Scientific
      Rene has been a Research and Development scientist for the last 8 years at Thermo Fisher Scientific where his expertise extends to gene delivery methods, iPSC reprogramming, and cellular/molecular characterizations of pluripotent stem cells. He helped develop the Gibco PSC Training Course and has authored many peer reviewed articles and book chapters on Pluripotent Stem Cell characterization. Prior to joining Thermo Fisher Scientific, he was involved in over 6 years of professional basic research in academia in the fields of enzymology, stem cell biochemistry and neurogenesis, molecular genomics, and kinase biochemistry.

    The reprogramming of somatic cells into induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC) has great potential of applications, not only in basic research, but also in drug screening and cell therapy. With advances in reprogramming technologies, use of diverse media systems and somatic cell sources, there is a compelling need for comprehensive characterizations methods that facilitate the generation of high quality standardized iPSC cell banks

    The combined approach described in this presentation utilizes cellular and molecular techniques for qualifying the putative iPSC clones from the master somatic cell reprogramming population and through the subsequent maturation process. The resulting iPSC clones are further vetted for functional pluripotency, via expression of markers of self renewal and the pottential to differentiate into the 3 germ layers.  The resulting validated cell banks can help ensure  high quality of the cells prior to use in downstream applications such as gene editing and directed differentiation to specific lineages. A streamlined method of iPSC qualification and banking is critical for traceability to ensure the identity and quality of cells chosen for drug screening and cell therapy applications.

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