JUN 28, 2018 11:00 AM EDT

Isolation of immune cells Straight From whole blood, buffy coat, LRSC, and Leukopak without density gradients

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  • Global Product Manager, Miltenyi Biotec
      Zhong Yu joined Miltenyi Biotec in 2016 as Global Product Manager for the Cell Separation Reagents products. In this role, she manages the launch and marketing of new technologies in the Cell Separation portfolio. Prior to joining Miltenyi, Zhong worked for Promega Benelux since 2011 as Technical Service Scientist to support the sales team in all technical aspects. In the following years she progressed to a Product Manager role for Cellular Analysis and Proteomics portfolio supporting the Benelux and Nordic branches. In addition, as of 2015 she assumed the role of Strategic Collaborations Manager to promote Promega's emerging technologies.
    • Group Leader R&D Cell Separation, Miltenyi Biotec
        Gregor Winkels received his Diploma as Engineer in Biotechnology from the University of Applied Sciences Aachen, Germany, in 2000. He did his thesis on characterization of blood dendritic cell antigens at Miltenyi Biotec where he continued his work as research scientist for myeloid cells and novel cell separation technology. He has a long-term experience on separation technologies, immunology, and antibody generation. Currently he is a Group Leader in the Research & Development of Miltenyi, responsible for myeloid cell separation products. Additionally, he is responsible for new technological developments, including the StraightFrom and the MACSxpress cell isolation product lines to drive Miltenyi's crucial cell separation portfolio.


      DATE: June 28, 2018
      TIME: 11:00am EDT/ 5:00pm CEST

      Enrichment of leukocytes from blood products like buffy coat, leukocyte reduction chambers (LRSC) or leukapheresis material can be time consuming and could influence the physiology of the target cells. Our new StraightFrom cell separation reagents were specifically developed to minimize time and handling steps, omitting the need to perform density gradient centrifugation methods or erythrocyte lysis prior to isolation thereby preserving cell integrity. Based on positive isolation, Th cells (CD4), cytotoxic T cells (CD8), Monocytes (CD14), B cells (CD19) or NK cells (CD56) can be isolated from complete buffy coats, LRSC or half pack LPs within less than 30 minutes with purities above 95%. The positive enrichment process enables thereby the consecutive enrichment of more than one cell population from a sample and is automatable. Using various assays, we show that functionality and viability of the target cells are preserved without cell activation. Ultimately, this optimized magnetic cells separation technology allows the isolation of physiologically relevant cells in a quick and easy manner for subsequent functional assay.

      Learning Objective:

      • The StraightFrom MicroBeads enables magnetic cell separation without density gradient centrifugation
      • Get immune cells faster and easier from blood  and blood products
      • Isolated target cells have preserved functionality and viability

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