SEP 12, 2019 7:30 AM PDT

Keynote Presentation: Microbial Centric Aging: A Paradigm Shift

  • John Thomas, PhD

    Professor Emeritus, WVU School of Medicine Certified, "High Complexity Clinical Laboratory Director" (HCLD)(ABB)


Recent molecular advances have unmasked key functions of our microbial kin, our microbiota, and its significant role in our disease and heath, our wellness.  None has matched the interest of the GUT microbiota and its co- functionality with the brain, defining an interplay maximized in  costly age related diseases. The Europeans redefined aging as a disease in 2015, the US via the NIH shortly thereafter in 2016.  Not without controversy, but all highlighting the incredible importance of a balanced, healthy microbiota in aging via the Hologenomic Theory ( and Hologenomic Center) , as Dual Citizens,  birth to death, the loss of microbes,  including fungi,  key in redefining this pathologic process. As of 2035, greater than half of the worlds’ population will be over 65.

Here, we will highlight this interplay using  2 clocks, the first our 4 quadrant  Microbial Clock (Microbes), followed by the Biologic clock (Humans), both contributing to a common pathway for  metabolic diseases,  immune-scenesence a common pathway. Six brain associated diseases will be a focus via the Gut Brain Axis, catalyzing key mechanisms  of aging, longevity, and “turning back the clock”.  Is it possible?  Dexter, the Dual Faced  Germ-man Puppet ( with Puppets) will illustrate the importance of both macro (Humans) and micro (microbes)  Holobionts, now defined by available genetic tools and machine learning, creating a Personal Signature.

Finally, we will discuss intervention of brain functionality via banking terms recognizing the similarities of investment banking and the use of pre/probiotics and diet as mechanisms of leveraging and rejuvenating your microbiome and wellness. Microbial Based Economics (MBE). The GUT is  our banking investment manager and key in creating a balanced microbial portfolio, particularly in age related diseases.
( Solutions) How should you invest, when and for how long and is precision medicine the key to maximizing microbial wellness.  Ultimately is “Aging longer, well, thru microbiology ‘ possible?  

Learning Objectives.

1. Unmask the growing awareness of our microbiota in  wellness and disease, implemented via  a common pathway, most noticeably on brain  functionality, highlighting aging as a reclassified  disease.

2. Promote the concept of Microbial Banking with Microbial Based Economics, catalyzing the importance  of the GUT microbiota as our investment banker in aging , promoting a lifelong beneficial microbial portfolio, potentially  reconstructed and rejuvenated by precision medicine via synbiotics and or diet.   


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SEP 12, 2019 7:30 AM PDT

Keynote Presentation: Microbial Centric Aging: A Paradigm Shift

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